Isle of Wight Circumnavigation - Relay


YOU CAN swim around the World Famous Isle of Wight


Perfect training for a future English Channel solo or relay 

All swims include a tide push

    Who is best suited for this adventure?

    You, if you are…

    • Training for a solo of the English Channel

    • Training for a relay of the English Channel

    • Looking for a new adventure after a Channel solo / relay swim

    • Looking for a BIG challenge but have never swum a marathon swim before

    • Wanting personal training from, Chloë, the Queen of the English Channel (44x Channel swims including a triple non-stop crossing) 
      100% success rate - single crossings, who has successfully coached 160 English Channel solo and relay swimmers and organised three successful Isle of Wight Relays across 2022 & 2023!



    • 90km (56m) Circumnavigation of the World Famous 'Isle of Wight'. Swim start & finish is the Needles

    • Very few solos (only 6, and even less under Channel rules, just 4) or relays have ever completed this incredible feat due to the very strong tides and the complex logistics involved pre- and during the swim

    • Approximate time to complete swim = 22 – 30hrs
      (possibly as quick as 15 - 21hrs if swimmers are all 3.5 - 4km p/hr and conditions are favourable)

    • Book your own private relay where you swim ONLY with your buddies!

    • 1hr is the standard rotation time, relays have flexibility to choose their own time rotation interval e.g. they may wish to rotate every 2hrs

    • Swimmers will generally get 48hrs notice of a swim start, but the notice may be as short as 12 - 24hrs

    • Rules similar to the Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF) observed


    What Windows are available?

    2024 Window Length Position
    Aug 2 - 8 7 days Position 2
    August 28 - Sept. 3  7 days Position 1
    Sept. 5 - Sept. 11 7 days Position 1
    Aug 27 - Sept. 2 7 days Position 1
    Sept. 4 - Sept. 10 7 days Position 1

    PLUS more inclusions & details...

    • HUGE 51f (15m) boat hire which includes kitchenette, beds to sleep sheltered outdoor decking etc... You will have 24 / 7 access to toilets and showers at the marina 

    • Small boat (R.I.B) and kayak hire which is ready for one of the crew to use when swimmers are swimming closer to shore and for change-over of swimmers when this needs to happen in areas where it is too shallow for the main boat to go

    • Official observer and potential for official ratification, if you request this in advance

    • Chloë on your boat coaching and coordinating the relays, pilots and swim logistics. She may also swim in some of the relays too, if requested

    • All administration fees to process and coordinate the relays

    • Two Commercial Skippers (boat captains / pilots) – Roy Beal and Chloë McCardel 

    • GPS tracking of your swim to share with family and friends all over the world

    • The ability to use the kitchen to prepare your own meals. 

    • Exclusive WhatsApp group for your Isle of Wight relay

    • FREE ENTRY into one Cold Water Camp in the year of your relay. Camps are in Dorset (UK). Subject to availability, so book your place NOW so you don't miss out!