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Want to swim a HALF or FULL Channel swim?

Not sure where to start?


FREE WEBINARS - May 20, 21, 27, 28 June 3, 4, 10.

You can have, Chloë McCardel, the Queen of the Channel, and 44-time solo swimmer, giving YOU personalised advice.

In addition, Chloë has also coached over 160 swimmers to swim as solo and relay swimmers across the Channel between 2014 and 2021. Swimmers on Chloë's programme have included a 16-year-old who swam solo, swimmers from over a dozen countries and the oldest person in HISTORY to swim a Double Non-Stop Crossing (Rick Seirer, from Victoria, Australia, 56 years at the time).

Each session is designed for those aspiring for English Channel HALF and FULL Channel swims as solo or relay swimmers. These sessions are open to anyone and everyone. The sessions are 90min each. Each person needs to register as an individual and for each session separately. 

Sessions aren't recorded so make sure you get along to each one. All times are in the UK time zone. You can use this TIME ZONE CONVERTER to convert to your local time zone.

Please note:

1) Some sessions are on a Monday and some are Tuesday, in British Standard Time (BST)
2) The sessions may be on a different day in your time zone. See Sydney below as an example - this often causes confusion. 
3) There is a FAQs section at the bottom of this page. Please check this if you have a question about the Webinars. 

Example: 8pm Monday UK (BST GMT+1) =

🌍 Time Zones:

Copenhagen, EU Mon, 9:00PM, CEST

Los Angeles, USA Mon, 12:00PM, PDT

Denver, USA Mon, 1:00PM, MDT

Minneapolis, USA Mon, 2:00PM, CDT

New York, USA Mon, 3:00PM, EDT

Sydney, AU Tue, 5:00AM, AEST

Can't make these times?

You will have to wait 5 months for these to come around again! See the FAQs section below for more information.

Session &Topic Details                                             Date / Time

Session 1 

Getting Started! 

Select your Skipper (Pilot), Swim with the CSA* or CS&PF?**, Year, Month, Position, Tide, Select Your Support Crew, Swim Coach & Swim Camp Options

May 20, 8:00pm (Monday)

Session 2 

Overview Training & Preparation Plan (Macro)

Training Overview Plan, OW*** &Pool Sessions & Dryland Training & Recovery / Body Management

May 21, 

Session 3 


Open Water & Pool Swimming Session Plans

Creating Your OW & Pool Sessions & OW Tips
(Technique, Safety, Equipment etc...)

May 27, 

Session 4

Technique, Technique, Technique!

Learn the ways to make your stroke highly efficient.
Efficient technique reduces your chance of injury,
reduces energy expenditure per meter in training
and during your Big Swim! 

May 28, 

Session 5 

Nutrition & Pain Management

During Training, Months, Weeks and Days Before Your Channel Swim

June 3, 

Session 6

Channel Swim “Feeding Plan” & Pain Management

Nutrition & Pain Management- During Your Channel Swim & how to manage when things don’t go according to the plan!

June 4, 

Session 7

7 Common Reasons Solos & Relays FAIL & How
YOU can AVOID them

PLUS 'Open Mic' - Ask all the questions you like, time permitting. Questions from those who have attended 4
or more previous sessions will be given preference.

June 10, 

* Channel Swimming Association = CSA
** Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation = CS&PF 
*** Open Water = OW


Want to submit a Question in Advance?

Feel free to send Chloë a question in advance via email. She will do her best to address it where it best sits in the Session Topics above. 

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of emails Chloë receives, she is unable to personally answer your questions via message / email. 

Submit your question HERE




Webinar FAQs

Why are the sessions free?

Yes, because like Zoom, Spotify and Google, we use the "Freemium" marketing method. We deliver great value for FREE and a small % of people decide to learn more about our premium, paid courses which makes it a win-win for everyone .

You may wish to book swims or other offerings with Chloë, or refer others in your network to booker with her, in the future. This is your opportunity to get to know Chloë better and get invaluable advice along the way :)

Chloë never calls people randomly, direct message peoples or pressures people in any way. Chloë wants to work with people who want to work with her.

To be upfront, during the webinar Chloë spends about 5 minutes 3 times on the day explaining other swims and offerings might help you, the rest of the time is jam-packed with practical steps you can use right away 🤗

I have signed up for a different marathon swim, can I still attend? Will I still get value?

Yes :) Most of the theory, learnings and concepts are transferable other marathon swims. Short marathons of 10km usually don't require booking a boat and skipper and bringing your own support crew into the event to feed you - they are the only major differences.  

Chloë has swum other major marathon solo swims like 20 Bridges - which is a full circumnavigation of Manhatton Island / New York City, 46km (when it was run by MIMS in 2010), Catalina Channel (32km) plus many training swims which were non-stop between 6 - 20hrs in the open water at 15 Celcius / 60 Farenheit with no wetsuit. 


How long do the Webinar sessions go for?

They are 90min each.


Can I turn up later during the session?

Yes, but you may miss something you were hoping to learn about.

Are the sessions recorded?

Unfortunately, the sessions aren’t recorded. Therefore, Chloë is unable to send you a copy of them later. The sessions will run again in October 2024, and you can put your name down HERE to be contacted as soon as the dates are finalised.


Can't make these times?

You will have to wait 5 months for these to come around again! 

These Free English Channel Webinars will be running again in late October, 2024. Reserve your Position HERE. 8pm UK TIME on the following dates:
     > October 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 & 29 (Sun, Mon & Tue nights for 2 weeks)


How is this different to what else is out there?

Chloë has a very high success rate - both for her own swims and for her swimmers. There are some people in the Channel Community with good intentions but who share unhelpful or scientifically incorrect advice which reduces your chance of success across the Channel. These sessions are very high quality.


When are these sessions in my time zone?

If you jump on Google and put in a UK time in the time zone calendar and then put in your city, it will convert this for you. Be careful not to mix up the day. E.g. 8pm on a Monday in the UK is 5am TUESDAY in Sydney. You can use this TIME ZONE CONVERTER to convert to your local time zone.


I am not interested but my friend is...

No worries, just send them the link to this page and they can sign up to any sessions they are interested in.


I am a coach, parent, partner of a swimmer etc... Can I attend?

Sure! Chloë would love to have you attend too!


Does Chloë offer one-on-one coaching? I am looking for ongoing personalised advice.

Unfortunately, due to Chloë's time commitments to her swim events in the UK, work supporting the 'Sea School' (organising her Channel Queen vessel for sustainability and conservation classes for primary school students in the UK in conjunction with the non-profit group Clean Jurassic Coast), charity work (with the Channel Queen Foundation, for the Prevention of Domestic Violence) her keynote speaking and volunteering with Marine Rescue (which is very similar to the RNLI) in Australia, she just doesn't have the time to be able to also do this. But, there are some wonderful coaches out there which she can connect you too. 

Do I need to bring anything to the session?

Chloë encourages you to record as much information yourself. If you make your own notes this will increase your retention. You can bring a pen and lots of paper or make notes digitally. 

Will Chloë personally answer my questions during the Webinar?

Due to time constraints (and the volume of emails with questions which Chloë gets on an ongoing basis) and considering every athlete has unique circumstances, Chloë is unable to answer questions directly live during the Webinar - with the exception of the 7th and last Webinar where there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Although, you can email your questions ahead and they may be answered within the Webinar. Feel free to look at all the Webinar topics and send your questions in advance HERE


Can I take recordings on the Webinar?

The Webinars are full of 14 years of accumulated professional knowledge as a swimmer and coaching others. So, I am sure you can appreciate the Webinars are Chloë's professional work. 

If you want to take screen shots for your own personal use or to share on social media then you are welcome too.  The more people who know about the Webinars the more people who have opportunities to learn before their Big Swim! You are encouraged to tag:
@chloemccardel       (instagram)
'Chloe McCardel - Marathon Swimmer' (Facebook) 


Is there some way I can thank Chloë for all the learnings and her sharing this really helpful information with me and many others?

Chloë is going through an intensive rebuild phase preparing her next Channel Queen vessel whilst she fights the insurance company who didn't pay out the insurance claim when her original Channel Queen vessel was destroyed by a storm.

Chloë greatly accepts your support in the form of a donation
Fundraiser by Esther Guy : Help Rebuild Channel Queen (UK) (gofundme.com)

Chloë and Roy Beal were also using the Channel Queen vessel as the Sea School for the work Roy does with the non-profit group Clean Jurassic Coast. So, losing the vessel was extra disappointing! 

The vessel for sustainability and conservation classes for primary school students in the UK.