Create Your OWN Swim (Bespoke)

Looking for a unique swim Experience with one or more of the following:

- English Channel Vessel with Commercial Yachtmaster Skipper, Roy Beal
- Kayak support 
- RIB support
- Channel Queen, Chloë McCardel, Crewing / Coaching / Dining with you!

Do you have a unique challenge which you, your relay, or group would like to explore or achieve?

Chloë McCardel & Roy Beal have supported for these private bespoke events:

- A 4-day swim camp experience in Dorset in 2024

- A World Record Relay in 2025

- In early June 2023, Kate Steels, famed Ice Miler and Marathon Swimmer, organised a group of swimmers to swim from Hurst Castle to The Needles with the Channel Queen vessel, Roy Beal (Skipper), Chloë and two other crew. Chloë donated the use of the vessel and the team raised 8,000 Pounds for Papyrus! 

Find out more about The Needles Charity swim experience HERE.

Looking for inspiration?

Would you like a private experience exploring:

– The Needles
            - 'Threading' The Needles
            - General Exploration
            - Hurst Castle to the Needles one-way swim
 Durdle Door
– Old Harry Rock’s
 The Pinnacles 
 Portland Bill
– Bat's Head