Last year Chloë McCardel swam her 37th crossing of the English Channel beating the Men’s World Record of 34 channel crossings. That’s a total distance of 1,258 kilometers of swimming, or a car ride from Melbourne to Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

Her record-breaking channel crossing garnered 3,800 news articles, including 27 new segments across the world covered by major TV outlets in the UK, like the BBC, ITV, Sky, the Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Mail. Chloë  uses her media coverage to shine a light on and advocate for women experiencing domestic violence. She was also one of Marie Claire’s 2020 Women of the Year. 

This year Chloë will start her Aussie assault on the overall World Record and title of ‘Queen of the English Channel’ which currently sits at 43x crossings and is held by an English woman. She ‘just’ needs six channel swims this northern hemisphere summer to match the World Record and seven to wrestle it back to its rightful home inside Australian shores for the first time since 1980 when Des Renford held the World Record.

 The Australian already holds multiple world records including the longest ever unassisted ocean swim in the Bahamas in 2014 (124.4km)

“My thoughts are going out to everyone impacted by the COVID pandemic, especially those who are currently trapped in their homes experiencing domestic violence. An issue extremely close to my heart.”


🏆 International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
🏆 International Marathon Swimmer of the Year, 2014 & 2015
🏆 124.4km World Record Ocean Swim
🏆 37x English Channel Crossings


“Chloë McCardel is not only the most experienced and successful Australian to swim the English Channel, but she also knows how to train and motivate others to accomplish their own channel swim. I would not have been able to successfully complete my swim without Chloë’s assistance.”

Brett Davis, English Channel Solo 2015, CSA Oldest Successful Swimmer

“Chloё McCardel’s programme not only prepares you physically, but mentally for what is the greatest thing I have done in my life to date. Her training was varied, specific to my ability, and was the perfect amount for the swim. Though it was an individual pursuit, I have gained life long friends with the other swimmers in the programme. Chloё’s knowledge of the technical side of the swim, such as boats, pilots and tides, is invaluable and gives everyone in her programme a huge advantage on being successful.”

Hamish Hall, English Channel Solo 2016

“Swimming the English Channel has been the biggest achievement of my life. It wasn’t just the swim, it was the whole journey getting there, right from the moment I committed. I will always remember seeing and listening to Chloë McCardel talking about swimming the English Channel at the Queenscliff open water swim. I decided then and there that I was going to do it. Thanks Chloë for leading me through an amazing adventure. I couldn’t have asked for more from a coach, a mentor and now a friend. And I’m not finished yet, a double-crossing attempt in August 2019…same place, same coach.”

Rick Seirer, English Channel Solo 2016, CSA Oldest Successful Swimmer

“As a successful English Channel swimmer, I cannot thank Chloë McCardel enough for her mentoring and coaching over the past 18 months. Without Chloë, I know that the swim would not have gone as seamlessly as it did. She assisted me with my technique, ensured that I was exposed to every condition possible and developed a specific program that was personalised and regularly monitored. Chloë’s expertise, planning and dedication was invaluable, ensuring that my support crew and I were entirely ready for the swim.”

Shane Giese, English Channel Solo 2017

“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Chloё McCardel as an open water swim coach. Chloё helped train my friends and I for a relay crossing of the English Channel in 2014 and also for my solo crossing in 2017.  Her vast experience comes through in all aspects, from training regimes, stroke technique, cold water acclimatisation, nutrition, logistics and the mental game. Chloё ‘s passion and positive energy for open water swimming and helping others reach their personal goals stands out above all else.”

Bob Burrow, English Channel Solo 2017, CSA Fastest American Swim

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