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Join with us to end violence within a generation


Our Vision: A Violence Free Future

Violence against women and children is a problem of epidemic proportions in Australia.

One in 3 women has experienced physical violence since the age of 15, and one in 5 has experienced sexual violence.

On average, a woman is killed by an intimate partner every 10 days.

The Channel Queen Foundation is due to be launched in 2024. It will focus on the prevention of domestic and family violence (DV / FV) through education within secondary schools and youth community groups, in line with the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-2032. 

Chloë, a domestic violence survivor and advocate for ending violence, is creating this foundation to unite with the Australian community to provide educational awareness of this issue, via keynote seminars, within secondary schools.

Chloë, will personally reach out and present to communities by visiting school and community groups.

In conjunction with local support services, she will promote healthy relationships, identify red flag behaviours including coercive control, and provide practical steps towards sourcing help for those affected and those wishing to support their peers experiencing these issues.


Foundation Activities

Reaching young people at schools across Australia

Chloë, via talks within schools, has been sharing her marathon swimming story. She aims to inspire our young people to believe in themselves and set big ambitious goals.

She also shares her intimate lived experience of domestic violence. Chloë highlights the red flags (perpetrator behaviours) which constitute domestic violence to help young people identify how perpetrators use these behaviours and to show our next generation that it can happen to anyone, including high profile Australians.

Due to feedback from school counselors, from these talks in 2022 /23 there is already evidence of students accessing counselling support within their school soon after one of Chloë's talks.

Students have identified to their counsellors that hearing a talk from "the swimmer" prompted them to realise that they were in a "bad relationship" which they wanted to get out of.


Other DV / FV Experts to present

These tours will be conducted as a joint venture between The Channel Queen Foundation and a suitable organisation based in the target region. The organisation chosen will have professional expertise in the area of domestic and family violence.

The organisational will be a local police / domestic violence agency which has strong links to their local schools. A representative of the chosen organisation will also speak to the students at the end of Chloë's talk.


Successful Tours 2022 / 23

Sgt Nigel Dalton, on behalf of the Queensland Police Service, has on two occasions, invited Chloë to Mackay in regional QLD. Over several talks during each tour, she presented her story of marathon swimming success and overcoming DV to several local secondary school students and community sporting groups.

It was the success of these tours that prompted the idea to take these talks national and to run them on a more regular basis.  


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