Coach Chloë

With extensive experience as an ultra-marathon swimmer, Chloë McCardel is a highly successful swimming coach, specialising in marathon swimming. Chloë focuses on coaching swimmers considering open water swims greater than 10km, such as the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island. Having coached more than 80 people, aged 15 – 60, to swim the English Channel in a relay team or as a solo swimmer, Chloë’s specialised English Channel coaching program can be personalised to suit individual requirements. Through her coaching program, Chloë aims to share the challenge and camaraderie marathon swimming offers. 

As a successful English Channel swimmer, I cannot thank Chloë McCardel enough for her mentoring and coaching over the past 18 months. Without Chloë, I know that the swim would not have gone as seamlessly as it did. She assisted me with my technique, ensured that I was exposed to every condition possible and developed a specific program that was personalised and regularly monitored. Chloë’s expertise, planning and dedication was invaluable, ensuring that my support crew and I were entirely ready for the swim.

Shane Giese

English Channel 2017
Ironman 2015
Victorian Institute of Sport, Cricket