Fundraise for your Charity or Community Group

Combine your love for Open Water Swimming and the English Channel with your passion to support your charity or community group and raise £1000s of Pounds in the process. Half Channel Relays can now be booked as 'Fundraisers' for eligible organisations in 2024, '25 and '26!

Your swimmers can access extra inclusions not offered to standard relays, including more time and support from the Queen of the Channel.

Book a Community Relay and you can raise £8,000 for your group.

Book a Corporate Relay and you can raise £21,000 for your group. 
PLUS have Chloë, Queen of the Channel, swimming in this Relay. 

We have a proven formula to support your fundraising goals!

Contact C
hloë directly HERE for more information.

Check out the 3 Case Studies below:

Case Study One - £8,000 raised
In early June 2023, Chloe supported Open Water Swimming respected and accomplished swimmer, administrator and Ice Miler Kate Steels and her chosen Youth Suicide Prevention Charity 'Papyrus' for a Charity Needles Swim Exploration Day (Isle of Wight) with the Channel Queen vessel and the day raised an incredible £8,000 for Papyrus! 


Case Study Two - £100,000 raised (USD $130,000)
In September 2014, Chloe supported the American cancer research Charity Swim Across America who selected the swimmers two swim across two separate relays for Full English Channel swims (from England to France non-stop, 1hr rotations). The swimmers committed to raising $10,000 USD each for a Position in their Relay. Chloe supported the swimmers with remote training for 6 months in advance, she spent time with them prior to their relays in Dover (UK) and also crewed on one of the two relays. The relays started at the same time and raced each other to France! Both relays were successful reaching France. 

Case Study Three - £800 raised
In October 2022, Chloe supported the UK beach cleaning charity Clean Jurassic Coast. 12 swimmers enjoy a dip around The Needles, Isle of Wight and a lovely picnic lunch on the vessel afterwards.