Hurst Castle to The Needles - Solo

A THRILLING 6km Tidal Push swim from Hurst Castle (mainland) to The Needles (Isle of Wight)

Swim at up to 11kph!


Swim at lightning pace in the FASTEST open water swim in England. Receive a tidal push of up to 8kph as you power your way from Hurst Castle to The Needles. Despite being 6km in distance you may finish this swim in as little as 30min!

This is the most popular swim Chloë has ever offered with 36 swim spots being filled within 7 days. 

There are two directions being offered - the original course Hurst Castle to The Needles (H > N) for £129 p/p and the reverse course The Needles to Hurst Castle which has slightly less tidal push (N > H) for just £97 p/p. 


AUGUST 5, 2023

H > N     Group #1 - SOLD OUT  

N > H     Group #2 - 7 spots available (enquire here)

H > N     Group #3 - SOLD OUT 

H > N     Group #4 - SOLD OUT  (Join waitlist here)


SEPTEMBER 15, 2023




H > N     Group #4 -  9 spots available (enquire here)


This swim is ONLY for experienced open water swimmers who are confident swimming in strong tidal flows. The water may also be choppy due to eddies and also if there is any wind due to the wind-against-tide-effect. Water temperature is expected to be 18 - 20C. You are welcome to wear a wetsuit if you wish.

You are expected to train in open water being pushed with and against the tide on some swims, in choppy conditions and in cold water as training and preparation in advance of this swim. You should also be a minimum of 2.5km/hr pace in the open water by August next year.

The swim course is 6km from Hurst Castle to The Needles (or reverse). When Chloë swam it she reached 11km/hr. So, expect a fast swim!

Swimmers who can normally sustain 3km/hr pace in the open water for 40min should reach a MINIMUM PEAK speed of 10km/hr during any of the swim times below for the Hurst Castle to The Needles Swim course. You will likely complete this swim in 40min or less.

Swimmers going the reverse course, starting at The Needles, are offered a discounted rate. If you swim the reverse course the tidal push is still very strong but slightly weaker in comparison. You will likely complete this swim in 60min or less.

All swim groups will have a maximum of 12 swimmers total. There will be 5 safety people crewing each group swim (including the Head Skipper & Head Organiser) plus 4 vessels looking after each group (motherboat = Channel Queen, RIB plus 2 kayakers).

You will be put in a pod of a maximum of 4 swimmers based on your anticipated swim speed. For safety reasons you will need to stay with your pod for the entire swim. Each pod has its own dedicated vessel with a safety crew member either a kayaker, Channel Queen boat or RIB guiding each pod. Although you will be swimming in the 'Hurst Race', a name given to the fast flow of water, the swim itself is not a race.

It is compulsory to wear a swim tow, a glow stick or adventure light on the back of your goggle strap and a fluorescent swim cap. You must bring these items with you.

'Load Boat' and 'Return' locations below will be Lymington Harbour. There is paid parking available at the Harbour.

It is expected that you arrive 30min or more ahead of the boarding boat time as the boat will strictly leave at the time it says to board. The tide waits for no-one!

The swim start times have been specifically chosen for peak tidal flow.

Bookings will be confirmed upon full payment.


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Contact Chloë directly here to enquire about booking a spot in one of the public swim days or a private group booking (you must have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 swimmers).