Isle of Wight [July 26th - August 4th]

Isle of Wight [July 26th - August 4th]

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  • 109km (65m) Circumnavigation of the World Famous 'Isle of Wight'. Swim start & finish is Ryde on the Isle of Wight. 

  • Very few solo or relays have ever completed this incredible feat due to the very strong tides and the complex logistics involved pre-and during the swim

  • Approximate time to complete swim = 25 – 35hrs
    (possibly as quick as 15 - 20hrs if swimmers are all 3.5 - 4km p/hr and conditions are favourable)

  • Relays select either a private swim (which means only their relay swimming next to the boat) or they select a tandem relay swim next to another relay

  • Swimmers can book as individuals in a public relay (Chloë will select the rest of your team) or an exclusive relay where you swim ONLY with your buddies!

  • 30min or 1hr swim rotations for tandem relays (private relays have flexibility for the time rotation intervals e.g. they may wish to rotate every 2hrs)

  • Swimmers will generally get 48hrs notice of a swim start, but the notice may be as short as 12 - 24hrs

  • Rules similar to the Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF) observed