Copy of NEW - Half English Channel Swim

4 - 8 Person Relays
BOOK NOW OPEN FOR 2024, 25 & '26

(For bookings confirmed before July 1st, 2024) 

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  Chloë after her Half Channel swim in September 2023.
          Chloë's Half Channel GPS Track.


Are you looking for any of these?

  • A cold-water challenge in the famous English Channel?
  • A long training swim and nutrition test before your Full Channel Swim?
  • 6hrs+ Practice swimming next to a Channel vessel?
  • A test to see if signing up for a future FULL Channel solo / relay is right for you?
  • Access to coaching, camps run by the Queen of the English Channel?
  • Chloë crewing for your Half Channel swim?
  • Potential to achieve an Official English Channel 6hr Cold Water Qualifier?#

2024 Position's Available Vessel Chloë Crewing?
June 25 - 30      (LAST POSITION!) Royal Charlotte Y
August 20 - 26 2, 3 Channel Queen Y
Sept. 16 - 22 2, 3  Channel Queen Y


2025 Position's Available Vessel Chloë Crewing?
June 2 - 6
1, 2 Royal Charlotte N
July 14 - 20       2, 3  Channel Queen Y
July 21 - 27 2, 3  Channel Queen Y
 Sept. 15 - 21 2, 3  Channel Queen Y


 2026 Position's Available Vessel Chloë Crewing?
June 1 - 5
1, 2 Royal Charlotte N
June 29 - July 5 1, 2, 3  Channel Queen Y
July 6 - 12 1, 2, 3  Channel Queen Y
Sep 14 - 20 2^, 3  Channel Queen Y

^Reserved - awaiting payment.


Channel Swim Vessel - Royal Charlotte

The Royal Charlotte and Skipper Mick Coker escorted Chloë across on the inaugural Half Channel Swim in September 2023. 

Boat Specifications: The Royal Charlotte is purpose built for charter angling and safety boat, designed and skippered by Mick Coker, the vessel is 38ft long(11m), 14ft beam and weighs 19 tons, and being deep draft means she drifts square with the tide making fishing very pleasant.

Facilities: On board toilet, spray covers and clean water.
The vessel has been hired for safety boat duties in the past. It has an in-date Safety Management System in place and is an approved safety boat for Dover Harbour. They have also completed recent survey contracts for Eurotunnel using multi-beam sonar and tow fish units, the vessel is very manoeuvrable and can run at low speeds maintaining a steady course.

Channel Swim Vessel - Channel Queen #2
New vessel will be announced soon for the 2024 Swim Season! 


These Half Channel Swims must always start in the middle of the Channel and head back to England. At no time will the swimmer/s or vessel/s enter French waters. You can't sign up for a FULL English Channel swim with these vessels.