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Want to swim a HALF or FULL Channel swim

Not sure where to start?


You can have, Chloe McCardel, the Queen of the Channel, and 44-time solo swimmer, giving YOU personalised advice.

In addition, Chloe has also coached over 160 swimmers to swim as solo and relay swimmers across the Channel between 2014 and 2021. Swimmers on Chloe's programme have included a 16-year-old who swam solo, swimmers from over a dozen countries and the oldest person in HISTORY to swim a Double Non-Stop Crossing (Rick Seirer, from Victoria, Australia, 56 years at the time).

Each session is designed for those aspiring for English Channel HALF and FULL Channel swims as solo or relay swimmers. These sessions are open to anyone and everyone. The sessions are 90min each. Each person needs to register as an individual and for each session separately. 

Sessions aren't recorded so make sure you get along to each one. All times are in the UK time zone. If you are in a different time zone 'Google' time zone converter and you can convert to your local time zone.

Can't make these times?

These Webinars will be running again in late October, 2024. Reserve your Position and be the first to find out when the dates are finalised HERE. 

Session &Topic Details                                            Date / Time

Session 1 

Getting Started! 

Select your Skipper (Pilot), Swim with the CSA* or CS&PF?**, Year, Month, Position, Tide, Select Your Support Crew, Swim Coach & Swim Camp Options

May 20, 8:00pm (Monday)

Session 2 

Overview Training & Preparation Plan (Macro)

Training Overview Plan, OW*** &Pool Sessions & Dryland Training & Recovery / Body Management

May 21, 

Session 3 


Open Water & Pool Swimming Session Plans

Creating Your OW & Pool Sessions & OW Tips
(Technique, Safety, Equipment etc...)

May 27, 

Session 4

Technique, Technique, Technique!

Learn the ways to make your stroke highly efficient.
Efficient technique reduces your chance of injury,
reduces energy expenditure per meter in training
and during your Big Swim! 

May 28, 

Session 5 

Nutrition & Pain Management

Nutrition & Pain Management- During Training, Weeks
Before Your Channel Swim and During Your Channel
Swim Event! 

June 3, 

Session 6

Nutrition & Pain Management

Nutrition & Pain Management- During Training, Weeks
Before Your Channel Swim and During Your Channel
Swim Event! 

June 4, 

Session 7

7 Common Reasons Solos & Relays FAIL & How
YOU can AVOID them

PLUS 'Open Mic' - Ask all the questions you like, time permitting. Questions from those who have attended 4
or more previous sessions will be given preference.

June 10, 

* Channel Swimming Association = CSA
** Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation = CS&PF 
*** Open Water = OW


Want to submit a Question in Advance?

Feel free to send Chloe a question in advance via email. She will do her best to address it where it best sits in the Session Topics above. 

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of emails Chloe gets, she is unable to personally answer your questions via message / email. 

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