If you are 18 years of age or older and like swimming, Chloë McCardel and Masters Swimming Victoria can introduce you to one of the Masters Swimming Clubs in Victoria. Members of Masters Swimming do not have to be an expert swimmer, but they should have some level of proficiency, depending on the Club and the squad. Most Clubs offer the opportunity to enjoy the exercise of swimming under the guidance of qualified coaches. Some swimmers join Masters simply for the fitness, friendship and fun, while others join for the competition available through the many swim meets conducted throughout the State or Australia.

Experience shows that few people have enough drive to exercise regularly by themselves. Masters Swimming provides this by forming clubs where people with similar objectives can meet, swim together, encourage one another and make new friends. Members may choose to enjoy activity at club level or, as they improve, decide to swim for their club in competitions. The Masters Swimming program is designed for everyone from the experienced swimmer to those who can only swim a few laps. Everyone is most welcome to come and try!

Today there are around 30 clubs affiliated with Masters Swimming Victoria, more than 200 clubs affiliated with Branches in each State and Territory in Australia with over 6500 members.

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