Chloë McCardel is pushing the boundaries of marathon swimming and what the human mind and body can achieve. Described as the greatest endurance athlete on the planet, the greatest ultra-marathon swimmer in history, an inspiration and role model, Chloë aims to achieve the impossible.

A highly sought after motivational speaker, Chloë provides a unique keynote presentation for every client. With powerful messaging that highlights the challenges she has overcome in ultra-marathon swimming and her experience as a mentor and coach, Chloë inspires audiences to reach their potential, achieve their dreams and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Her infectious and fun personality has engaged audiences both within Australia and internationally.

“Presenting to financial and IT industry leaders, including Westpac, Optus, Veda and Intel, Chloë McCardel had a profound impact describing the extraordinary experiences and unfathomable challenges she has faced and overcome in ultra-marathon swimming. With a uniquely engaging ability to incorporate these experiences back to the corporate world, Chloë will both inspire and motivate you to achieve goals beyond what you thought was possible.”

Darren Needham-Walker
Head of World Wide Office Printing Solutions, Marketing

Chloë has travelled extensively, presenting to businesses, conferences, organisations, charity events and schools, including Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd., Wespac GroupCitrix, HP, Ord Minnett and Young Presidents’ Organization. Chloë will take the time to work with you, ensuring the presentation will align with your event’s key messaging.

“There are very few people on the planet genuinely pushing the boundaries of human endeavour. Chloë McCardel is someone who inspires and astounds her audience with tales of achievement and suffering beyond anything most can imagine, all with a smile on her face. She is an Australian icon.”

Mark Sowerby
Top 300 ASX company
Founder Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd.
Queensland’s First Chief Entrepreneur

Her incredible endurance feats and powerful messaging have also been presented via all the major Australian networks and to international audiences via BBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, Associated Press and Reuters. In 2013, Chloë reached a peak of 30 million Google hits.

“As one of the greatest ultra-marathon swimmers ever, Chloë McCardel tells a powerful story of endurance and perseverance. Having defied the odds of what humans are capable of achieving, Chloë’s story is brilliantly motivational and encourages us all to be more disciplined in whatever we choose to pursue. She delivers her speeches with a refreshingly positive attitude despite the hardship faced on her path to success. Chloë will inspire and relate to anyone with a goal to achieve.”

Carolyn McCann
General Manager, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability
Westpac Group