Lightship Swims


Be one of the first people in HISTORY to swim from England's historic and magnificent Lightships back to England. The operation of the very first light vessel station of Great Britain goes back over 250 years to the placement of the world's first lightship in the early 18th century.

Are you training towards an English Channel solo?
These swims offer an incredible and very affordable opportunity to practice vital marathon swimming skills in the English Channel if you are training for an English Channel solo swim.  You can swim solo from only £147 - that's just half the price of the standard 'practice' swim with a boat ahead of a channel swim!!
PLUS £3,500 in Prizes to be WON!!

Be one of the top three swimmers to complete all swims in 'skins' (English Channel rules) and you could take home up to £1,000 in credit to your next swim! Be rewarded for your hard work. Prizes for both female and male categories. 
£1,000    1st
  £500       2nd 
 £250       3rd 


BONUS - Varne & Goodwin solo swimmers receive 25% off 2022 Dorset Camp*

BONUS - Sandettie & Greenwich solo swimmers receive 50% off 2022 Dorset Camp*


  • Solo - one swimmer swimming the entire course
  • Single - a single solo swimmer swimming exclusively next to the boat (no other swimmers)
  • Duo - two solo swimmers swimming tandem next to the boat 
  • Trio - three solo swimmers swimming tandem next to the boat 
  • Quad - four solo swimmers swimming tandem next to the boat 

Additional Notes

Want to swim with others tandem or in a team? You can bring your own swim buddies or ask Chloë to find you buddies. 

All relays and single solos hire the boat exclusively for their swim.

*cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer