Isle of Wight Info


  • 109km (65m) Circumnavigation of the World Famous 'Isle of Wight'
  • Approximate time to complete = 25 – 35hrs
    (possibly as quick as 20hrs if swimmers are all 3.5 - 4km p/hr)
  • Swimmers can book as individuals in a public relay (Chloë will select the rest of your team) or an exclusive group relay where you swim exclusively with your buddies!
  • 30min swim rotations for public relays (exclusive relays have flexibility)
  • HUGE 50ft boat (15m) which includes showers, kitchenette, beds etc...
  • Swimmers need to be minimum 2.5km p/hr pace
  • 2x skippers (pilots)
  • Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF) Rules observed
  • Official observer and potential for official ratification
  • Swimmers will generally get 48hrs notice of a swim start, but the notice may be as short as 12 - 24hrs

From Just £997

(this is a prerequisite for joining a 2022 / 2023 relay)


How many swimmers in a relay?
Generally, four, six or ten swimmers. Public relays have 4 or 6 swimmers per relay. Exclusive relays can choose between 4 - 10 swimmers per relay.

QUESTION: How can a relay swim 109km (65m) in just 25hrs? 
There are very strong tides which go around the Isle of Wight and with the careful preparation and piloting your skippers will ensure your relay takes maximum advantage of the tidal push!

QUESTION: Where is the general meeting area before the swim?
 Swimmers are encouraged to meet in Portsmouth ahead of their relay.

QUESTION: Where would be the local place to swim before the relays in Portsmouth?
ANSWER: South Sea / Eastney Beach, Portsmouth

QUESTION: How long will it take to get to swim start, on the boat, from Portsmouth? And how will we get there?
ANSWER: The trip will take approximately 30min and you will be transported from Portsmouth to the swim start at Ryde (Isle of Wight) by the boat. 

QUESTION: What is the typical time of day for a swim start?
ANSWER: We are aiming a midday tide turn. This means approximately 4am out of bed and a 7am swim start

QUESTION: What is the expected water temp day / night for each window?
ANSWER: Expected water temperature 13 - 15C in late June, up to 17 - 19C in August / September

QUESTION: What coaching is provided prior to the swim?
ANSWER: All relay swimmers who sign up are eligible for a 50% discount for the 2022 Dorset camp (June 17 - 19, 2022) and the same offer is available for 2023 swimmers for the camp in 2023. 

QUESTION: Will Chloë be in the relays? Will she coach them during the relay?
ANSWER: Chloë will swim, coach, coordinate and crew in the public 2022 relays. She will also coordinate and crew the exclusive relays and if they would like Chloë to coach and/or swim in them too, she can.

QUESTION: Who are the pilots (skippers)?
The head skipper is Scott Dawson who swam the Isle of White solo (wetsuit) in 2016 in an incredible time of 26hrs. He also planned the tides and piloted for Olly Rush who swam Isle of White solo (wetsuit) in 2021 in an astonishing 15hrs. Scott is Level 2 STA approved open water swim coach, an experienced sailor and marine industry professional with extensive boating experience. 

QUESTION: Can partner/s, friend/s or family join on the boat during the relay?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, there won't be any space on the public relays due to the restrictive passenger and crew quotas, which is in place to ensure safety. Exclusive relays will have the capacity to have additional people on the boat if they have less than 10 swimmers. 

QUESTION: What is the minimum requirement to prove that a swimmer is ready for their relay?
1) Swimmers must swim twice the time of their swim rotation as a cold water qualifier in the minimum temperature they expect their relay to be in (e.g. if you are swimming 30min swim rotations a 1hr cold water qualifier is required). Chloë will provide guidance as to what that temperature will be for you. 
2) Swimmers will need to swim their rotation time in a pool (which can be heated) and cover at least the minimum distance of 1.3km per 30min interval they will swim in their relay the same number of times they expect to within 24hrs of their relay.
E.g. A swimmer in a 6 person relay will need to swim 8x 30min swims within 24hrs and cover at least 1.3km per 30min swim. 
Swimmers will need to complete their qualifiers within 3 months - 1 week before the first possible day of their relay. 

QUESTION: What is the cost?
- £997 per swimmer in a 6 person public relay
- £1,297 per swimmer in a 4 person public relay
- Exclusive relays from £997 per person, 4 - 10 swimmers per relay

QUESTION: Are there other fees for things like administration, observation, ratification etc...?
ANSWER: No, there is not. This package is ‘all inclusive’. There are no additional fees for observation, ratification, administration, coaching during the relay or piloting. You will still need to cover other costs like travel to from / Portsmouth, accommodation pre/post swim if necessary, your training costs, and any insurance etc...

QUESTION: Can I pay in installments?
ANSWER: Yes, you can pay in full or pay a 50% deposit to secure your swim position, and pay the balance 10 weeks before your relay. Swimmers will be notified on or before March 25th if they are offered a relay Position / or an Exclusive Group booking for 2022. A minimum of 50% payment will need to be paid within 7 days of March 25th to secure the spot. 

QUESTION: How do I register my interest for 2023?
ANSWER: First you need to attend an info session in March 2022. Once you have done that send an email directly to Chloë and she will put you on the waitlist for 2023 relays, as they haven't opened yet. 

QUESTION: How far in advance do I need to be in town?
Swimmers in public relays need to be in town within 12hrs of swim start (to meet and do 1x practice swim with their relay team before swim start). Exclusive relays can meet the boat at the pick up point before the swim start, however, it is highly advised that they also meet 12hrs in advance in Portsmouth.

QUESTION: How do I get to Portsmouth?
- Closest Airport = Southampton then 25 -30min drive or 1hr15-30min train to Portsmouth
- Drive from London 1hr35 to Portsmouth
- Public transport from London 2hrs to Portsmouth

QUESTION: Where do you suggest I book accommodation before the relay?
Swimmers are encouraged to secure accommodation in Portsea Island, Portsmouth, ahead of their relay


(this is a prerequisite for joining a 2022 / 2023 relay)