"Going the Distance Podcast"

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 "As women, we often undervalue our capabilities and don’t realize the strength, power, and perseverance that calmly lies within. Stand tall, go the distance, take on what scares you the most and show the world what you are made of"

- Chloë McCardel

In this podcast series we explore and share inspirational female stories from women in sport and business, who like our host Chloë McCardel, have gone the distance. We learn what makes them tick, what challenges they faced along the way and what the rest of us can learn from their inspiring journey.

Inspirational Female thought leadership.

More Information:

The show will be launched in May 2022. 

The show will be distributed on all major streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, Itunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

It will also be embedded right here!