English Channel

Famous for its distance, strong tides, cold water, busy shipping traffic, jellyfish, flotsam and jetsam, and unpredictable weather, the English Channel is the jewel in the crown of marathon swimming. Marathon swimmers from across the world are drawn to the shores of Dover to make their own journey across this famous stretch of water every year.


Chloë McCardel offers opportunities to swim the English Channel in a relay team or as a solo swimmer. Swimming as part of a relay team provides an opportunity to become familiar with the English Channel. It also provides an excellent opportunity to understand what is required both physically and mentally to attempt a future solo swim.

Limited places for 2019 and 2020 are available.

Coaching Program

Chloë is a highly successful swimming coach, specialising in marathon and endurance swimming. Chloë brings her extensive experience as an elite endurance swimmer, mentor and coach to experienced swimmers considering open water swims greater than 10km, such as the English Channel (34km), Catalina Channel (33km) and Manhattan Island (46km).

Having coached more than 80 people, aged 15-60, to swim the English Channel in a relay team or as a solo swimmer, Chloë’s specialised English Channel coaching program can be personalised to suit individual requirements. Through her coaching program, Chloë aims to share the challenge and camaraderie endurance swimming offers.

Chloë’s coaching program includes:

  • Designated boat and two pilots (boat captains)
  • Designated support crew member
  • Official English Channel Swimming Association (CSA) Observer
  • Live GPS tracking of your swim
  • Official CSA book and swim cap
  • Official recognition and record of your swim by the CSA
  • Detailed open water and pool training program
  • Opportunities to join training sessions in Melbourne
  • Mentoring and coaching in Dover prior to your swim
  • Two intensive swim camps
  • Unlimited online support

If you are interested in joining us in our Coaching Program, please provide a brief overview of your swimming and athletic history.

For solo swimmers, please complete the English Channel Solo Expression of Interest Form.

For relay swimmers, please complete the English Channel Relay Expression of Interest Form.