Alcatraz Invitational

South End Rowing Club, San Francisco, has announced Chloë McCardel will be the Guest of Honour at the Alcatraz Invitational on Saturday, 29 September 2018.

Chloë is very excited to be attending this wonderful event in one of the world’s most iconic swim locations.

Chloe has an incredible list of marathon swimming accomplishments including 1 triple crossing of the Channel. She also holds the record for the most number of English Channel crossings in one season.

Chloe will be attending our Spaghetti Feed on Friday before the swim as well as supporting the swim all day Saturday. There will be lots of opportunities for SERC members to interact with her including a chance to swim with Chloe.

More information about Chloe can be found at and we will send out more information about specific opportunities to meet and interact with Chloe (including the swim) as we get closer to the event.

If you are not volunteering, now is the time to get involved and be a part of this event. Let’s show Chloe and all the registered swimmers just why we are the greatest club on earth!

Assistant Race Director
South End Rowing Club

For more information and to register visit the South End Rowing Club.

Australian English Channel Record Attempt

Chloë McCardel, world record ocean swimmer, has announced that she will attempt four single crossings of the English Channel in the 2018 season, with the first crossing expected to take place during the next seven days.

If successful, these four crossings will break the current Australian record for most crossings of the Channel, taking it to 28.

This season has had incredible conditions so far, with numerous Australians successfully crossing the Channel. Excited about the attempt, McCardel said:

“Seeing so many Australians continue to attempt the Channel, especially the recent successful crossing by Brenda Norman for Channel 4 Change, inspires me.

“I’m hoping this Australian record attempt will show what a beautiful place the Channel is, and what a beautiful challenge it is.

“It’s a tough challenge, but that is what makes a successful single or multiple crossing so exciting.”

McCardel completed a double crossing of the Channel in 2017, and holds the current Australian record of 24 crossings. This includes one triple crossing and three double crossings. Also holding the world ocean swim record of 124.4km, McCardel was inducted to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2016.

By continuing to break new ground in ocean swimming, McCardel hopes to inspire people to live healthy, active lifestyles.

“Ocean swimming in Australia is incredible. We have such a beautiful coastline, with so many stunning beaches to explore.

“The ocean swimming community has grown so much in recent years, with many swimming clubs and social swimming groups in Australia promoting the camaraderie, fun, exhilaration and joy of ocean swimming.

“I believe the sport’s continued success can be attributed to our beautiful beaches and the dedicated volunteers who continue to drive their local swimming groups and ocean races.

“I encourage competitive and non-con competitive swimmers, and those new to ocean swimming, to find a local swimming group near them and dive in.”

Fitness is integral to McCardel and at the heart of her lifestyle, constantly challenging herself to be stronger, more powerful and confident in the water, both physically and mentally. McCardel believes that fitness, health, well-being and self-confidence enable us to persevere towards achieving our dreams.

Tuesday Training

Chloë would like to share what she has learnt to help other swimmers achieve their dreams, whether it be a personal challenge at a community swim event, a fundraising swim, triathlon or channel crossing.

Every Tuesday, Chloë McCardel will be sharing training tips on Instagram – covering technique, how to complete major swims, motivational techniques, focus, commitment to training, nutrition and more.

Join #tuesdaytraining – @chloemccardel on Instagram and let us know how Chloë can improve your swimming and help you reach your goals.

The Fourth Lap: Interview with Neil Mitchell

On 29 August 2017, Chloë McCardel attempted what is widely considered the greatest endurance challenge – the 136km quadruple non-stop crossing of the English Channel. This had never been attempted previously, let alone completed.

While unsuccessful on her first attempt, Chloë is extremely proud to have completed her third double crossing of the English Channel. Chloë does not see this attempt as a ‘failure’ but rather a step closer to achieving this incredible feat. It has provided her with an opportunity to learn more and find ways to improve. Chloë still believes a quadruple crossing of the English Channel is possible and is inspired to dramatically alter the perception of what the human mind and body can achieve in such harsh, inhospitable conditions.

Neil Mitchell (3AW) spoke with Chloë after her epic English Channel challenge.